Monday, February 2, 2015

Stop Motion - Genius Hour Second Quarter

Several students chose to do a stop motion video on various subjects. They also used a variety of materials to create there stop motion videos.

Last quarter one group of students created a stop motion claymation video.  A group of students thought about doing the same, but their video was going to demonstrate the how the water cycle works.  Clay and the water cycle ended up being difficult to manage.  They ended up doing digital drawings using Sketches on the iPad.  In the end their video turned out great.

Speaking of cycles, a group of students decided they wanted to create a stop motion video, showing the life cycle of a frog.  They created all of the pieces they needed to show the life cycle with construction paper.  Then they laid everything out in stages and took pictures as the went.

The last group who used stop motion wanted to learn more about dinosaurs.  They researched various dinosaurs and the ages in which they lived.  They then created a skit with toy dinosaurs.

For all of theses videos there is some serious app smashing going on.  Students used StopMotion for the stop motion portion of the video, they all used BookCreate to write about their topic, and iMovie to create the title screens, and put it all together.  They all like the feel of the iMovie Trailers, but the format rarely fits how they need it too.  So, students put all the credit and title information into a trailer of their choosing, then hack it to pieces to a fit within their movie.   



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