Thursday, August 14, 2014

APP - Smash

I recently read an article, entitled APP-SMASH: THE BEN BLOOM FIST IN THE SAMR GLOVE, about the relationship between three major concepts used in 21st Century classrooms. The overlapping of Blooms Taxonomy, the SAMR model, and the utilization of APP-smashing should be a structure for best practices for the use of technology in a 21st Classroom. Perhaps the best way to accomplish this is to come at it backwards by establishing educational goals first, then open up the possibilities for the presentation. Putting limits on teachers and students and the tools they use, stifles creativity. At the same time, we will be more successful with utilizing just a few solid apps rather than overloading classrooms with tech. Students who “are getting their hands dirty with the content in the APP-smash they are always creating as they put their hands on all types of cognitive experiences.” Overall, this approach leads to a much stronger learning experience.

I believe this approach to integrating technology within your classroom room instruction has a great deal of potential by promoting creative problem solving skills.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Remember who we are teaching. When presenting professional development for adults, we must remember they are adults. They bring a lot more to the table as far as previous experiences to connect to. They will only be interested in learning something that is beneficial to them in some way. As Pinnacle leaders we need to remember this. Key questions we should ask are, "What is the problem you have?", and "How can we help you in your classroom?" We will be more successful as educators if we can do this.


Gamification - Why?

99% of boys play video games
94% of girls play video games
8-18 year olds spend an average of 73 minutes per day playing games

Talk about engagement! Gamification speaks to our students. It's fun! They understand the language of gaming. They grasp the goals intended. Gamification encourages mastery of skills though repeated trial and error.


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