Monday, February 2, 2015

BookCreate - Genius Hour Second Quarter

BookCreate has become one of my favorite apps. My students love it and it is very easy to use.  Most of my Stop Motion groups used it to document their research which was then added to their videos.  Three other groups decided to create books about topics that interested them.

One of my students is into art. He likes to draw, a lot. He created a picture book, and did all his drawings using Sketches.  He is working on creating a story to go with the art.

Two students wanted to learn more about pirates.  They then created a book about pirates using the information they learned. Some of the illustrations that go with the book are their own, while others are found images.  

Probably my favorite book project is about landforms.  A small group of students researched various landforms and bodies of water.  They then did illustrations using Sketches then added the text from the information they gathered.  The end product is spectacular, both the art and the information.  


Teresa Thomassen said...

I am not familiar with BookCreate. Can you link to it please?


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