Monday, January 9, 2012

Online Flash Cards

I have been trying out several different interactive flashcards my students can access online. I have not decided which ones I like best, but in my search I've found several cool possibilities. is an online, user generated flashcard set. There are two subscription options, basic (free) or Quizletplus ($15 per year). If you are interested in just trying it out I would suggest you try the free version. It is very easy to use, both for teacher set up and student access. I think Quizlet is better for those who want to have complete control over the what appears on the flashcard. (term and definition) The account holder is required to enter in all the information. The free version limits you to eight groups of flashcards, so if you fall in love with it, and want to flood your students with flashcards, you may have to fork over the $15 for the QuizletPlus version. offers flashcards to account holders also. I have been using Spellingcity for several years now and have been very impressed with their services. The database they have built continues to grow, and includes words, definition, parts of speech, and the words used in a sentence. Recently they have added the option to add your own definition or sentence, and the site has lots of interactive games and assessment available. There are two levels of subscription (free and premium) I have found it worth the money to purchase the premium subscription for the past two years.

I love Google Chrome! And, I am constantly trolling around the Chrome Web Store for educational games and tools. I found a cool flashcard app that I love. There is nothing fancy about the app, but there is something I find appealing. It definitely for in-classroom only, as maintains the information of the Google account logged on. My kids use the app on the SMARTBoard as one of their literacy centers. Students with Google accounts could easily set up their own flashcards to serve as a study tool.



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