Sunday, July 17, 2011


GIMP is an open source GNU Image Manipulation Program.  

GIMP is an image editing tool.  Re-sizing, cropping, combining layers of multiple images can all be done with GIMP.  It is not quite as intuitive as Photoshop however offers many of the same features.

Here is the original image taken with my Canon 50D.

After selecting specific objects to stand out I enhance the color and fade out the background.

I added flowers by creating a clone of some of the original flowers and cropped the image closer to tighten up the composition. 


Audra Robertson/ Pinnacle XVI said...

I think you will need to help me with this! Have loved our team of working together on projects too. Great picture by the way.

Becky Perkins said...

Anytime! Photography and image editing is a total blast for me. I am really enjoying the sound manipulation with Auda
city but have definitely not mastered it yet .


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